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Birdsall & Co. offers fine home and garden products with personalized service. Best known for our fountains, outdoor furniture, and containers, we also offer unique and functional gifts and accessories for the gardener.

Blue Pearl

  Andromeda Planter $1265/Set of 4

Andromeda Planter
$1265/Set of 4

  Martine Planter $620/Set of 4

Martine Planter
$620/Set of 4

  Sara Planter $155/Set

Sara Planter

  Chantal Planter $610/Set of 4

Chantal Planter
$610/Set of 4

  Sabine Short Planter $310

Sabine Short Planter

  Lorimar Planter $335/Set of 3

Lorimar Planter
$335/Set of 3

  Sabine Tall Planter $520

Sabine Tall Planter